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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance
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When you have a garage door there are responsibilities that come with it. You have to treat it like you do your vehicle. You need to maintenance on it to prevent repairs. You have to do adjustments when needed. This keeps your vehicle running better and will also keep your garage door running smoothly. Our Garage Door Repair in Lacey is garage door maintenance/adjustment experts. Of course we are experts at all garage door services. There is not a garage door service that our garage door company/contractor cannot handle and handle it well.

We are here to listen to your needs, take care of your problems, fix your garage door and install your new Genie opener. From installation to repair and replacement services, our work is identified by excellence. This is not accidental! Our technicians are trained, knowledgeable, experienced and devoted. Let us get your door up and running!

Our garage door contractors at our Garage Door Repair in Lacey can come out to your garage door every 3 months, 6 months or yearly to do garage door maintenance/adjustments on your garage door. As we said above this is an important service for your garage door. This is a service that can prevent major repairs on your garage door. It can also keep your garage door running at its best. It is a service that every garage door owner needs. Call us today and ask us about this service and let’s start protecting your garage door.

One of the things that we at our Garage Door Repair in Lacey will do for you with this service is doing regularly maintenance lubrication. There are parts on your garage door that needs to be oiled. These are parts like the tracks and the garage door springs. We supply the oil and will come out and do this lubrication for you. This lubrication will help make these parts last longer.

Another part of this service is checking over all of the parts

Garage Door MaintenanceIf you have us check over every single part of your garage door we may be able to catch minor issues that we can repair before they turn into major issues and end up costing you a lot of money. This is a great preventative tool. When you just let your garage be then you are asking for problems. Though some of these maintenance tools you may be able to do yourself, this one definitely needs a professionals knowledge, we at our Garage Door Repair in Lacey knows what to look for.

One more thing that we will do for you are to make sure that all of the screws on the garage door are tight. This may seem like such a little thing but a loose screw on a garage door can cause major issues. When a screw is loose it will cause problems with the parts. So what could have took two seconds to tighten can end up costing you a lot of money. We will come out and so this garage door maintenance/adjustments service for you. All you have to do is call us at our Garage Door Repair in Lacey and ask us to come out.

We are the best garage door company around. We want you as a customer so we can show you why we are the best.

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