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Three Ways Your Door is Telling You Something is Wrong

Three Ways Your Door is Telling You Something is Wrong
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We all know the sometimes unexpected problems garage doors can have, from not opening to not wanting to close. But sometimes there are early on hints your beloved door needs a little maintenance. Here we have a list of signs and what your door might be trying to tell you:

Moving up slowly and down way too fast:

Three Ways Your Door is Telling You Something is Wrong

This is not just a random tick and, if not fixed, could cause problems! When you notice your door opening slower than usual, and then closing way too fast it is very likely your springs need to be adjusted. Fortunately this is not a drastic problem, but it needs your attention!

Refusing to close without obstruction:

This might seem a bit spooky at first, your door starting to close and then suddenly opening again. Usually this happens when there is an obstruction like a box in the doors path. However when you checked this and are positive there is nothing obstructing the door from closing, it could be caused by a problem with the safety sensors. This too, can be fixed. If the sensor is broken it needs to be replaced, if it is only misaligned all it needs is to be realigned and your door will close again.

Making a lot of noise when opening and closing:

This could of course be troublesome to not just you, but the people living near you as well. When you notice the door making an unusual amount of noise when opening or closing it could be caused by the motor. In that case it needs to be replaced and the noise will be gone. However it could also be the opener model that needs to be upgraded or a problem with the opener remote control. These can also be replaced and your neighbors and you can get a good night rest again. 

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